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All Natural Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning

Making their teeth shine... One Pup at a Time...


Is there anything better than our fur babies giving us a good old lick-a-maroo with the freshest breath possible? At All 4 Paws Playcare Inc., we take pride in our all natural procedure and products. 

All 4 Paws Playcare Inc. is here to help keep your pups fresh and white smile. Most important to us is to provide a caring, calm and relaxing environment in which they can feel safe and comfortable while having their teeth cleaned.

During this service, we using hand tools while your pup is awake. We also apply Colloidal Silver to your pups gums. We use different gentle techniques for different pups such as a swaddle technique like we do our babies. When cuddles and breaks are needed,

we take them!



The following services and information is cosmetic only. This being said, we are not veterinarians and we do not offer medical or health procedures, do not offer diagnoses, or medical treatment. We also suggest you to seek advice and direction by your vet prior to receiving our services in regards to periodontal disease .

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