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· Clients are to remain in the entrance area only. Should you go in any other area, we are not liable in any manner whatsoever.
· All pets must have a fitted collar with name tag and contact info for your pet. We also recommend, but do not enforce, you have a City license tag.
· We accept pets of all ages once they have received all their required vaccines.
· All pets require a behavioral assessment prior to attending All 4 Paws Playcare Inc.
· All pets are required to be on leash when entering and leaving the premises.
· All newly homed pets must have been in the home for at least two weeks prior to attending All 4 Paws Playcare Inc.
· We accept puppies if they are fully vaccinated and spayed and neutered.
· All pets must be spayed and neutered to attend All 4 Paws Playcare Inc.
· All pets require up to date vaccinations for Rabies, DH2PP, and Bordetella. We recommend you speak to your veterinarian about any other precautions you should be taking prior to attending.  Proof of vaccination is required prior to first day, with a minimum of two-week incubation period after administration.
· Pets that are currently ill or injured are not permitted at All 4 Paws Playcare Inc. Pets who have recovered from a communicable illness within the past 30 days must provide veterinary clearance to return to All 4 Paws Playcare Inc. Owners certify by signing this application that their pet is in good health.
· If your pets incur veterinary bills during their stay at All 4 Paws Playcare Inc., you, the legal owner of the animal, must pay those bills at time of pickup. Pets reserves the right to seek veterinary care for your pet at its discretion.
· All pets must be non-aggressive and not food or toy possessive. Owners certify by signing this application that their pet has no history of threatening or harming any person or animal.
· All 4 Paws Playcare Inc. Supplies Kirkland Chicken and Salmon Formula and Kirkland Cat food. If this isn’t acceptable, you will be required to bring adequate food for your pet. We recommend you bring your own food, including  your fur babies name, date and time to maintain the same diet and not upset their tummies.
· We reserve the right to refuse any pet for any reason at any time.
· Pick-ups must be completed prior to 6:00 PM for All 4 Paws Playcare Inc. unless arrangements are made in advance outside of the normal pick-up time. Late fees for late pick-ups will apply.
· All pets must be on time for your appointments as our staffing is scheduled based on appointments booking times. Please be mindful of our hours of operation. Late charges are $60/30min (per pet)
· All fees must be paid at drop off.
· All 4 Paws Playcare Inc. passes or gift cards have no cash value and are non-refundable. No exceptions.

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